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A young woman inserting a contact lens

Contact lenses

Experience the freedom of spectacle-free vision

Why try contact lenses?

A close up of a woman about to insert a contact lens

Contact lenses offer a great set of benefits not available with glasses.


If you want to take up a new sport or activity, prefer not to wear glasses out of the house, or just want to update your look contact lenses could be the solution for you.


We provide all different types of contact lenses so each of our patients can experience the freedom that comes with having vision correction that works for you.

An assortment of contact lens care products

Contact lens assessments

After you’ve decided you want contact lenses, you may find you have a lot of questions. During your contact lens assessment, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about wearing contacts and gather all the information we need to fit you with a set that works for you.


The assessment includes an eligibility test to ensure you can wear contacts safely, a vision test to calculate your prescription and a series of eye measurements and health checks to see which type of lens will suit your eyes.


With the technical side taken care of, we can then discuss your lifestyle requirements to determine how often you want to wear and dispose of your contacts.

The different types of contact lenses

A smiling lady wearing contact-lenses

With daily disposables, monthly wear lenses, lenses for permanent or occasional use and a whole range of specialist lenses, we provide every major type of contact lens.


This variety allows us to fit all of our patients with lenses that work specifically for them no matter the prescription or eye type.

Aftercare and advice
A close up of a young ladys eye

Aftercare is our way of continuing to provide care to our patients after they are fitted with contact lenses.


With aftercare appointments, we can check up on your eye health and make sure your prescription is still correct.


This way we can be sure that your contact lenses keep treating your eyes well and giving you the best vision and comfort possible.

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