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A lady having an eye -examination

Eye examinations

Personalised eyecare, professional service

We welcome private and NHS patients

Young woman having an eye examination

Eyesight is perhaps the sense we value the most, yet people tend to forget eye care when thinking about their health. Our eye examinations can quickly establish whether you need vision correction or any form of eye care.


The examination includes all sorts of eye tests to assess your vision, screen for eye conditions and check your general eye health. With all of our examinations, both private and NHS, you can get complete reassurance that you’ll receive any eye care you require.

A piece of eye-examination equipment

What to expect in your eye examination ?

During your examination, you will be asked some questions to help your optometrist learn more about your eye care and vision needs.


The rest of the examination time will involve an eyesight test and a thorough assessment of your eye health. The eyesight test will check your vision to see if you need a new prescription or to update an existing one.


There are then numerous checks to create an overall picture of your eye health including screening for conditions like glaucoma and diabetes. Finally, your optometrist will explain their findings to you and outline any eye care you require.

Enhanced eye examinations with OCT
OCT scan image

Part of our dedication to patient-centred eye care is using the latest and most effective technology. With this in mind, we are proud to offer OCT scans as part of our enhanced eye examination.


OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is an amazing technology that uses light waves to examine the layers that make up the back of your eye and your optic nerve. The scan is completely non-intrusive and helps our optometrists examine your eyes in much more detail, which can lead to catching abnormalities and eye conditions in the earliest stages.


We also keep a record of your OCT scans so we can monitor changes over time. Enhanced eye examinations are for everyone who wants complete peace of mind about their eye health but they are advisable for people over 60 and those at greater risk of eye conditions.


Get in touch today if you think an enhanced eye examination is right for you. 

Putting your eye health first
A lady having an eye examination

Keeping your eyes healthy allows you to enjoy good eyesight for longer and prevent troublesome eye conditions.


Everybody's eyes are different and how you should take care of them depends on your age, medical status, family history of eye conditions, occupation and a whole range of other factors.


With this in mind, we always provide personalised eye health advice so all of our patients can work on practising daily eye care on their own.

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