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Kirk & Kirk colourful frames


Express your style in quality frames

Eyewear styling

Man wearing Kirk & Kirk frames

We are constantly receiving new designs from amazing brands like Kirk & Kirk, Guess and Hugo Boss but eyewear styling isn’t just about handing those brands off to you.


We want you to have glasses that work for you. With this in mind, we consider personal style, appearance and lifestyle when offering recommendations.


We also make sure the decision is yours and will never try to sell you on particular frames, but we’re always on hand to offer helpful advice if you need it.

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Kirk & Kirk colourful frames

Our frame collection

Your choice of eyewear is as individual as you are. Our goal is to help you find glasses that express your unique style and suit all of your lifestyle needs. People use eyewear in all sorts of different ways and it’s our job to help you match the right frames and lenses to your specific needs.

Spectacle lenses

Kirk & Kirk frames

Spectacle lenses are a precision instrument and ensuring you have the right ones for your eyes is a fine art. We source our lenses from quality suppliers to ensure that you get the best available.


All of our lenses will provide you with excellent vision based on your exact prescription and there are a variety of types for you to choose from.

Prescription sunglasses

Whatever your style, sunglasses provide a perfect complement to an outdoor look.


More than that they can provide protection from the sun and minimise eye strain making you feel more comfortable outdoors. Prescription sunglasses offer all this with the added convenience of having your prescription available in a whole new set of environments.


If you want to look and feel great outdoors, we encourage you to make a selection from our amazing range of prescription sunglasses.

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